how to make iced cake

Here you have an idea to make an iced cake. Kids enjoy preparing this recipe; it’s very straightforward.
750 g. of non-salty crackers
250 g. of butter
1 kilo of yogurts (8 yogurts)
2 eggsSteps
1 Crack the cookies into little pieces in a bowl .2
2 Beat the two eggs together and add them with the butter to the cracker’s bowl .
3 Mix it all well . It doesn’t have to be a uniform dough. It may have pieces, and be non liquid.
4 Put all the yogurts together in the same bowl and mix them .
5 Add one coat of the crackers dough . Then add a yogurt coat on top of it.
6 Put it in the refrigerator for 2-3 hours .
7 Take it out and add another two coats . You can add as many coats as you like.
8 When you are done decorate the top .
9 Put it in the refrigerator another two hours .
10 Serve .

It’s always easier to decorate the top if you end up with a thin yogurt coat. And don’t put it in the refrigerator any more so if you put nuts, or fruit, or anything you want, it”sticks” to the top.
When it’s time to serve it you will find trouble cutting the cake. Let it out of the fridge for five minutes and you will find it more comfortable to cut.
Things You’ll Need
A bowl
A spoon


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